Bio-Electromagnetic Sessions

 Bio-Electro… what?

The Bio-Electromagnetic device used at Soteria Wellness is a powerful, cutting-edge technology for massage therapy and is designed for both home or professional use to promote circulation in the smallest blood vessels. Your first session in our office is complementary to learn more about this unique modality and to experience it for yourself.


Because consistent usage (ideally twice daily) is key to achieving the best results, we offer fantastic package and in-home rental options.
Please call us for more details.


At the Wellness Center

Stop in and enjoy stand-alone Bio-Electromagnetic sessions or include them as add-ons with your other favorite services at Soteria.

NOTE: If you have never used this tool before, please call us to schedule your first appointment. If you are already comfortable with the equipment, you may stop in during our normal business hours.

Single Session - $15
10 Session Package - $100
20 Session Package - $175
6 Weeks Unlimited Use Package - $325

All single and package sessions at the studio may only be used during standard business hours.

At Home

Because consistent usage (ideally twice daily) is key to achieving the best results, the Bio-Electromagnetic tool is available for you to rent and use in the comfort of your own home.

1 Week Rental - $125

2 Week Rental - $250

3 Week Rental - $375

1 Month Rental - $450


So how does it help?

While relaxing during a Bio-Electromagnetic session, your body’s own regulatory mechanisms are stimulated so bodily dysfunction can be more readily brought under control by the body’s own healing mechanisms.  One of the advantages of massage therapy, other forms of bodywork, and exercise is that they enhance circulation; including improving microcirculation (blood flow through the smallest blood vessels that deliver oxygen and nutrient rich blood to the cells and remove cellular wastes.) Massage and exercise are known to increase movement through the blood vessels - vasomotion - by 7%, which is fantastic for our bodies!  In less than a 10 minute session, we can optimize this benefit many times over as the body finds new levels of balance and restoration.

Results of this increase in blood flow include decreased levels of discomfort, more rapid wound and injury repair, greater energy, better sleep, improved digestion, more balanced immune system, and increased feelings of well-being. Healthy function of our muscles, joints, organs, glands (and all body systems) depends on optimal circulation.  With the relatively sedentary lifestyle most modern-day people live, we are very disconnected from the Earth's normal electromagnetic field.  Utilizing our Bio-Electromagnetic services is a beautiful way to supplement our active  time outdoors to promote greater health and well-being.

I was having one of those days where I felt pretty miserable—I was fighting something; my eyes were watery, my sinuses felt stuffed, and I just wanted to go home to bed and sleep for several hours. I stopped for a BEM session on my way home from work. I napped for about 10 minutes when I got home, I got up and mowed the lawn and canned some tomatoes!!! Amazing turn around in how I felt!!!
— Jean
I am so thankful that I found you and BEM. Not only is my shoulder feeling better but at the moment I have very little nerve discomfort in my neck and I just feel better overall.
— Chris (an at-home renter)
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My profound personal experiences with Bio-Electromagnetic modality led me to integrate it into my practice.


“One of the first things that caught my attention was the quick relief from muscle and nerve discomfort when I worked with the BEM mat and applicator after I jarred my elbow, then overworked the sore arm. Additionally, after using the device twice daily for 3-4 months there was tremendous improvement in the color and tone of the tissue in my lower legs that had been damaged through 30 years of circulatory issues there and the aftermath of several surgeries.  I have also seen a rapid reduction in inches as stagnant, swollen lymphatic areas were "flushed out" more efficiently with regular usage of an applicator pad besides using the main mat on the massage table.  My family and I also find it especially helpful for post-workout recovery and energy levels.” 


How would your health improve if you could increase circulation, oxygenation and nutrition to every cell of your body? Most of us are hypoxic and malnourished on a cellular level due to our toxic environment and relatively sedentary lifestyles. "Dis-ease" does not thrive in a well oxygenated, well nourished body. How would your health be impacted if your cells received oxygen and nutrients and metabolic wastes were removed from your body more efficiently?  Would this impact your body’s immune function, comfort, and energy levels?

Bio-Electromagnetic sessions can help.

This modality is amazing. My leg is all better. I will continue to use BEM sessions for my overall health. If it could help my leg in that short of a period of time by providing increased blood flow, etc., can you imagine what it will do for the rest of my body? I can’t wait to find out!
— Sue