What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are distilled from the flowers, leaves, bark, roots, seeds, and other parts of a variety of aromatic plants.  Besides the beautiful aromas we enjoy, essential oils have been used throughout history in many cultures for their therapeutic benefits. Today, increasing scientific awareness and changing paradigms toward wellness in body, mind, and emotions are driving a rediscovery of essential oil health applications. 

Even though an essential oil may be listed as pure, therapeutic, or organic, if the right species or part of the plant is not used, or if the plant has not been grown in the ideal environment, harvested at the right moment, or distilled within exacting temperature and pressure margins, it will not provide a predictable therapeutic result.  Testing to assure both purity and potency is crucial in receiving the desired benefits.High quality essential oils represent a safe, effective, and affordable complement to any health care regimen. They can be used a single oil at a time or in complex blends depending on your experience and desired results.


Experience the power of Aromatherapy

Aromatouch Essential Oils Soteria Wellness

AromaTouch Technique™

This rhythmic light to medium touch essential oil application technique on the back, ears and feet is designed to enhance relaxation, balance the immune system and inflammation, and restore the body to homeostasis. The consistent motion soothes the nervous system while the body and mood-balancing properties of eight dōTERRA essential oils, both singles and proprietary blends, combine for a wonderfully relaxing encounter! Discover a place of calmness, relief, well-being and deep relaxation while gently cleansing and soothing your body, then reinvigorate and energize, all with our favorite oils.

NOTE: AromaTouch™ Technique may not be done the same day as CranioSacral Therapy or a Touch for Health balance.

30 min | 60 min | 90 min

$55 | $85 | $115

Symphony Essential Oils Soteria Wellness

Symphony of the Cells™ Restorative Essential Oil Application

Restore synergy and harmony to your body’s orchestra with one of eighteen specific system-targeted essential oil spinal and feet applications to support and nurture challenged body systems. Choose from Basic, Cardiovascular, Cellular 1 and 2, Chi (energy flow), Digestive, Emobic (emotional/limbic), Forgiveness, Hormone Balance, Immune, Inflammatory Balance, Lymphatic, Maxim, Neurological, Osteo (musculoskeletal support), Respiratory, Sensory, or Solar support.

30 min | 60 min | 90 min

$55 | $85 | $115


Stand Alone or Service Add-On

Both the AromaTouch™ Technique and Symphony of the Cells™ Restorative Essential Oil Application can be enjoyed as a stand-alone session
as an add-on service that does not increase the session length.




Why would I ever want to use essential oils? That’s something I said a lot even though all of my family used them. I thought they were something crazy. Little did I know after using them for 5 years, that essential oils are and have been a huge blessing to my family. I started using essential oils and then got education through the classes Soteria Wellness held. I learned not just the science behind the oils, but how to use them to support my health, to use for cleaning, to manage discomfort and also to give me energy support and lessen stress. Consistent use of essential oils has allowed me to live a life free of past aches and discomforts. I am now more alert and more active than I was without. I am so glad I took the time to learn from these classes and use that knowledge to benefit my family and my own health.
— Daniel

Let us assist you in your wellness journey by attending a free class to become empowered as a wellness expert in your own home!

We regularly offer workshops and events to teach you how to incorporate pure therapeutic grade essential oils into your daily life. Whether simply for the power of their aroma or their many other wellness benefits.

doTerra Wellness Advocate Soteria Wellness

Soteria Wellness is proud to use only the highest quality 
Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade™ essential oils in our practice. There is no additional charge for aromatherapy used during your basic massage or bodywork session.

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AromaTouch Technique: “After a wellness consultation with Dawn, I had the AromaTouch Technique™ come up as a suggestion for reducing my stress. It was extremely relaxing and became a euphoric essential oil experience. I felt like I was on a gentle relaxation cloud for the next two hours following the session. I had no idea that essential oils could be such a therapeutic form of relaxation for your body. I would definitely recommend that everyone give it a try. I promise you won’t be disappointed.
— Natalie