Services for Infants & Babies

Being touched and caressed, being massaged, is food for the infant; food as necessary as minerals, vitamins, and proteins.
— Dr. Frederick LeBoyer
Infant Massage Instruction Soteria Wellness

Infant Massage Instruction

Infant massage has been researched since the mid-1970's thanks to the pioneering work of Vimala McClure  It has been practiced in cultures around the world for thousands of years.  Touch is the first sense developed in humans and a baby's sense of touch is exquisite.

Soteria Wellness is proud to offer instruction in infant massage to parents and caregivers in private or small group sessions! Dawn is a certified infant massage therapist and infant massage instructor with the Institute of Somatic Therapy.

As a father, I loved the infant massage class. It was so neat to see our little one relax like we hadn’t seen before. Since our baby is breastfed, it has been harder for me to bond with our son, but these very simple and easy massage techniques helped me become closer to him. Then, we were able to go home and give our baby and our 3 year old son a massage and they both loved it!
— Matt

Benefits of nurturing your baby through massage include:

  • Inducing relaxation

  • Enhancing parent-baby bonding

  • Easing digestive discomfort of gas or constipation

  • Soothing a fussy baby

  • Improving immune function

  • Lessening stress of both baby and parent

  • Increasing myelination of nerves and brain development

  • Enhancing growth and weight gain, especially in preterm infants

  • Relieving colic

  • Providing parents time to relax and unwind from the busy pace of life

  • Improving muscle tone and motor skills

  • Promoting communication between parent and child

  • Enhanced sense of love and security

  • Teaching healthy body awareness and nurturing touch

  • Improving sleep

  • Enhancing self esteem

  • Increasing prolactin (the love hormone) levels in parents

  • Relieving pain from teething

  • Easing congestion and promoting respiratory development

  • Improving circulation

  • Providing intimacy between father and child


Babies and CranioSacral Therapy

Minor uncorrected problems in infancy can be magnified in the growing child and adult.  CranioSacral Therapy is a gentle hands-on approach to wellness that is useful for any age.  Babies respond to CranioSacral work especially quickly and are treated with a "less is more" approach using a very light touch.  Brief sessions with several weeks in between allow baby to integrate the changes that are introduced.  Many reports of colic reduction, head molding correction, nursing problems resolved, and more peaceful babies abound.

Babies and children may benefit from CranioSacral Therapy when they have experienced:

  • Difficult birth (prolonged or fast labor; umbilical cord entanglement or tight wrapping around neck; vacuum or forceps assisted delivery; cesarean birth; pain and fear during labor which influences hormonal balance; separation from mother at birth; etc.)

  • Painful procedures, which, while medically necessary or chosen based on parents deeply held beliefs, cause fear and tension in the baby (NICU stays; multiple heel sticks for blood draws; intubation or deep suctioning; circumcision; immunizations; etc.)

  • Head molding that doesn't resolve within the first week (misshapen or overlapping bones of the skull)

  • Uneven appearance to the face after the first week (one eye or ear appears higher than the other)

  • Difficulty nursing or absent sucking reflex

  • Post tongue/lip tie revision

  • Colic, restlessness, difficulty settling, and excessive crying

  • Developmental delay

  • Bumps and bangs of newly mobile infants and toddlers

  • Any life circumstance which would benefit from a release of tension and stress

Photo courtesy of Rintamaki family

Photo courtesy of Rintamaki family

During labor and delivery our son moved through the birth canal quite quickly which led to bruising on the top of his head and a lot of molding. When he was three weeks old, he was really colicky, crying up to 4 hours at a time, so we had Dawn do some CranioSacral Therapy on him. Dawn showed me how his skull bones were still overlapping in the back of his head. The day after she worked on him, his fussiness was so much better and he is now a very happy baby. At his four day wellness check-up, his head circumference was in the 15th percentile and at his four week check-up it had jumped up to the 35th percentile. In less than a week from the time he was worked on, his head rounded out nicely and things moved right into place. I don’t believe that would have happened without the CST.
— Lindsey
My daughter was diagnosed with Down Syndrome a few days after her Birth-day. She experienced a 48 hour labor. One of the challenges she faced right away was a struggle to latch on and maintain a good latch for breastfeeding. She also struggled to breathe well while sleeping and eating. she spent a week in the NICU, undergoing many tests and treatment—stressful on her little body. We saw Dawn for CranioSacral Therapy to help bring balance back to her body, including her head, due to all she had experienced. I also hoped it might help with her latch and breathing. Within a few minutes, we saw visible changes in her head, face, and jaw. The shape of her palate changed enormously, and there was less tension in her jaw. Her sinuses began to open up. We have been back several times, and continue to see marked improvements in her overall health and posture. She is now nursing without any challenges, and is able to breathe (and sleep) much better (and quieter!) This has changed her life, and ours, forever.
— Sarah